SOLT UN PEPER, that is design with storytelling and a Nordic soul. Home of our boy
Labels is 'Hamburch', the most beautiful city in the world,
as we find. Trendy Tüddelkram with yours
Messages, statements and confessions directly
from the waterfront. For you, for your loved ones and
for life. All of our products are made by
Designer and owner Magdalena Löwe, and
sometimes by selected artists and
Creatives, designed with a lot of love and passion.
By the way, Moin is derived from
Dutch 'Mooi' and synonymous with beautiful. Nice that you are here.

Personal messages on high quality posters, cards, calendars and
Memory books, on pillows and I-phone cases record and tell stories
Stories or share one-off events. Made for you, you shell pushers,
Fur seals, mermaids and everyone who shares our love for design - even land rats. And now
Don't chuck long and get the cool SOLT UN PEPER designs from the Waterkant.

As spontaneously and creatively as our designs are created, this is how the name SOLT UN saw
PEPER the light of the world. Nordic inspired, like our hearts, and connected to our homeland, like
our soul, says SOLT UN PEPER 'flat'. Our recipe? Take a pinch
Salt water from the sea, mix it with a load of peppered zest for life
'Hamburch' and you get a unique design called "SOLT UN PEPER".

With SOLT UN PEPER a dream has come true. Not just for you, but for that too
SOLT UN PEPER founding team. The background story tells you founder Magdalena
Löwe, designer of the SOLT UN PEPER artworks.

2016 is probably the most important year of my life.

I am in 2016 'gefühlt' Became a mother twice - and that at the age of just 22. I founded SOLT UN PEPER just 11 days before the birth of my daughter Yuna Valentina. This foundation was actually the continuation of my personal path to art - my real passion, which I should turn into my profession with SOLT UN PEPER. And only a few years ago I would not have dared to dream. It started with my decision to quit my law and business studies and study communication design. A really difficult step for me back then. Tim, Yuna Valentina's father and to this day my great supporter and most important sparring partner at SOLT UN PEPER, played a central role - without Tim there would have been no SOLT UN PEPER.

Personal messages are the most beautiful declarations of love for your own four walls.

Years before SOLT UN PEPER, my prints adorned my own four walls. Even then with personal messages and clear statements, photographs and iconic drawings. With pregnancy and being a parent, a very formative time began that intensified the need to hold onto memories and write messages. I wanted to make that possible for other people too. Initially for friends or as a gift. But then I got so much encouragement that I finally took the courage to found the company.

And then dreams suddenly become reality with SOLT UN PEPER.

At the beginning we sold through an Instagram shop, the website came later. My 2 ½ room apartment in Hamburg was initially an exhibition space and parcel center in one. What we worked hard on was the quality. Right from the start, we not only wanted our print products to look and feel very good, but also to produce them in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Numerous printing tests followed, and in the beginning I had every poster in my own hands and 'gefühlt'. That gave us an extremely good sense of quality.

It quickly became clear that we had to print in Germany to meet our high quality standards.

Our printing process is now a small trade secret. It ensures a high depth of field through an unusually rich black. The matt surface appearance gives a particularly elegant look and is also a prerequisite for the design result we want. Our paper is also with 300 mg2 very strong. We produce print products for a small eternity. Seasonal motifs, whether for special holidays or seasons, can be changed depending on the mood. And it never gets boring.

We manufacture from A to Z with a lot of passion and attention to detail, because our claim is unique design.

Together with a small, lovely team, we work today in a familiar and trusting atmosphere on new ideas and growing orders. Fortunately, these no longer have to be temporarily stored in my apartment. Your Magdalena

And now let yourself be inspired and accompany us to the Waterkant. Just use our hashtag #soltunpeper and become part of our family too.

... put a lot of heart and soul into it. Every single product is lovingly designed,
personalized, printed, packaged and shipped. To the hearts of all of you out there
that you share our love for design.

personalization / customization
We stand for Nordic-inspired design that loves your personal story
transported - textually or even visually. In different sizes and formats and in
high-quality frames, just as you like and how it suits you.

high quality papers
We only use very strong quality paper with a strength of 300 mg 2. That makes
our large formats are less sensitive and small formats can be used as cards. The
special coating ensures a silky feel, maximum color brilliance and a matt
elegant surface look.

color brilliance / depth of field
We scoured many print shops in Germany until we got the print quality
has convinced. We print our photo and art prints in a special one
Printing process that ensures fantastic blackness and almost
creates a three-dimensional look.

Even if we love the sea - overland is faster. Within Germany
we will put your order on the road for free from 50 euros. Our delivery time is
only 2 to 4 days from the order confirmation. Even for personalized prints.

>> Take a pinch of salt water and a load of peppery joie de vivre from and
you already get a unique design called SOLT UN PEPER. <

>> SOLT UN PEPER is a pinch of salt water, a load of peppery joie de vivre and every one
Lots of heart and soul. <

>> SOLT UN PEPER is design with storytelling and a Nordic soul. <

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>> Hey, you clam pushers! Let yourself be inspired and accompany us to the Waterkant.
Just use #soltunpeper and also become part of the SOLT UN PEPER family. <

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