Kimspiriert poster series

We designed this very personal poster series about Kim together with SOLT UN PEPER for you.

The words and symbols on these high quality prints are meant to represent Kim's way of life and a symbol in the fight against breast cancer. Because of this, will a large part of the profit from the sale is 100% donated and used for purposes related to breast cancer prevention and education in young women.

SOLT UN PEPER have agreed to handle the sale and shipping of these prints. Thank you very much for creating these special designs. Kim already appreciated the typical signature of SOLT UN PEPER Designs during her lifetime. As Kim's friend, the founder, who specially created the designs, made sure that all designs correspond to Kim's taste and attitude. Some of them even contain their quotations.

The proceeds from the sale will give Kim's family the opportunity to make their grave loss meaningful in order to continue and expand their legacy.

We thank each and every one of you who have participated in this task and we will do the best we can to achieve as much as possible with the money raised.

We see this as our personal duty and a promise to Kim.

In eternal love,
Kim's family and friends